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Celebrity Biography

Wiki Bio of Celebrities, Celebrity you are familiar with .There is always a celebrity in our life whom we like to see and look upon to follow their lifestyle , whether he is a movie star or a sports person or belongs to any other field. 

Because they are some of a kind related to our interest, like if we like music we endure a singer or if we love sports we will definitely like the person having various achievements in that field. 

We tried to list the biography of some famous personalities who are followed by many people. 

Sonu Sood 

Sonu Sood was born on 10 July 1973 on moga a district of Punjab he has two sisters and his father is a businessman and his mother is a qualified  professor of English and history, he made his debut with Kallazhagar a Tamil film released in 1999 then he tried his hand in Hindi .

His first Hindi film was Shaheed-e-Azzam and bhagat Singh, because of the extraordinary humanitarian behavior he is making news headlines since may 2020 . As he arranged food., busses for the poor migrants to reach to their homes and now also he is making efforts to  help the needy people, suffering from the impact of Covid -19 . 

Jonas Muthoni 

Jonas Muthoni is the CEO and the founder of deviate agency which is in Los Angeles contributes in various Charity  programs and is currently the breast cancer board member he is having a dashing personality and having 50k followers on his Instagram account. 

Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is a youtuber belonging to India he is currently having Million of subscribers and entertaining people since 2015  . He also did a role in the film “student  of the year 2 ” As tiger shroff’s friend. 

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 Tony Beig 

Tony Beig called  a young business tycoon. He is the CEO  of Dioz group. He also produced a Hollywood film named glass jaw which contains the story of a champion boxer Travis Austin. 

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